Ski Slope Subway and Clubhouse

CIVENCO were approached by Harrisons Engineering Ltd a structural steel fabricator based in Clitheroe to progress the existing design for a new subway and club house at Pendle Ski Club. Due to the current layout of the club, it is not possible to access the club house from the car park without traversing a busy main road. The most viable option is to link the two with a subway that will run under the current slope and be connected to a new ramp and retaining wall structure allowing compliance with the new Equality act for access.

The construction is estimated to commence in the summer of 2020 during the annual closure of the site. It was this tight construction programme that CIVENCO believe to be the key part of the project as well as designing the scheme to meet the stringent planning conditions imposed. CIVENCO were engaged to offer technical and construction expertise and know how in order to establish a construction methodology that could be delivered within the time frame and with the potential of bad weather having the potential to severely delay the works.

In order to establish the most robust form of construction, CIVENCO believed the current information needs expanding, therefore as part of our works we will be undertaking a topographical survey, ground investigation works with soil sampling and WAC (Waste Acceptance Criteria) testing as well as structural engineering and architectural design elements.

Having this information at the earliest opportunity will allow time to design a solution and building methodology as well as further assurance of cost.