How to get the best from your build – Article 1 Time, Cost, Quality

30 October 17

Best from your Build – Time, Cost and Quality

When you first entertain the idea of having building work done, you may want to consider how to get the best from your build. Whether you’re looking to achieve large open spaces filled with plush interior finishes and completed without delay at a bargain price. The reality is that something must give. How to get the best from your build is to establish the most important criteria for you and your project by considering the Time, Cost, Quality triangle.
This will place some clarity and direction into your proposal and form part of your brief to the architect and builder alike.
Draw a triangle, at each corner write time, cost, quality. Place a dot nearest the item that is most important thing to you with your project.


                                                                                                                                 COST                                                                               QUALITY

For example, if quality is the most important item, place it firmly in that corner, this will usually mean that cost and time elements are compromised. A quality project usually takes longer and costs more. If your priority is the Cost, the project will usually need to be done in the most optimum time but high end fixtures and fittings may not be possible. If Time is the most important, high end quality is not usually achievable and costs tend to rise. The perfectly balanced project is for the dot to be in the middle of the triangle and this can be the way to get the best from your build. Have a go, see what works for you.

We have more articles on the way where we discuss each of these items (and more) in greater detail.


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