How to get the best from your build – Article 2 Time

13 November 17

Best from your build – Time

When you are considering how to get the best from your build – time, must be one key focus. We are often asked how long is the build going to take? The answer is somewhat dependent upon a multitude of dependencies, but for purpose of this article, the following can be considered a guide for a double story side extension from conception through to completion.

6 weeks to survey and produce outline planning design. This will then need client approval prior to submission to Local Authority.

10 weeks in the planning process. This would allow for a coupe of weeks to amend the design (should the client require) and for the necessary forms to be completed, submitted and the relevant fees paid. approximately 8 weeks of this is for the Local Authority. This may take longer, it all depends on any feedback from other departments such as highways or your neighbours.

6 weeks to produce detailed drawings. These are used mainly for submission to Local Authority Building Control. These details will need approval, and the relevant fees paid prior to work commencing. This could be done whilst going through the planning process however, if the scheme gets rejected or amendments are required, this could lead to amendments and could cost more.

2 to 4 weeks for builders to price the project. This is always best once detailed drawings are produced, after all, the more detailed information you can provide your builder, the more accurate the prices you can expect.

Between 2 to 6 weeks for the builder to mobilise from agreement of price and programme. Once you have chosen your builder, there will no doubt be some final discussions required. It is during this stage that a start date and approximate duration are discussed. This period does not take into account the builders current commitments.

12 to 16 weeks (weather dependent) for the building works. This period would sufficiently allow for minor building alterations, such as knocking doorways through etc., standard foundations and no specific long lead specialist items required by the client.

The above also assumes there are no permitted development rights that you may have, the availability of architects, builders as well as the size, complexity, access and the time of year all have an affect.

As we have mentioned in our previous article, getting the best from your build is all about your priorities. Time V Quality is usually the largest trade off. Unless you have a key deadline, time maybe the lesser of three focal points.

Insisting on a certain completion date for instance, could increase the amount of labour required in any given time, lead to unproductive time, increase cost and also affect the quality.

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