How to get the best from your build – Article 4 Quality

30 October 17

Best from your build – Quality

In our fourth article on getting the best from your build – quality, is the final element of our triangle. One of the first things to consider with any new building project is Why? Why do you want this project?
There are obviously numerous reasons as to why, such as you want to add value or you need much needed extra space or this is your forever home. Whatever the reason these factors can have a bearing on what type of project you commission.

For a forever home, you may want as much, user friendly space as possible with quality at the heart of your project because the return on investment (ROI) is not as large over many years spent in your dream home. To compliment your forever home further, you may choose better quality sanitary ware, light fittings, kitchens and appliances for example.

If you see your build as providing much needed space for an interim period whilst adding some value, a more mid range approach to your fixtures and fittings maybe more appropriate.

For a quick development, or rental property you may wish to consider budget range fixtures and fittings.

It is important to consider the level of quality you expect, and are prepared to pay for and how this will ultimately affect your budget and the time it may take to achieve.

When considering your reasons, also consider the effect on the rest of your property. By just adding an extra room you don’t always get the “feel” or “flow” you desire. Consider how you will use the space. It’s easier to change lines on a drawing during the design stage rather than physical walls. If you struggle with imagining your new space, ask your architect if they could provide a 3d image.

Your builder should have a range of products to suite most budgets, if you could choose early in the design process, they may be able to negotiate some better deals.


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