How to get the most from your build – Article 5 Neighbouring Properties

02 February 18

Best from your build – Neighbouring properties

In our fifth article, best from your build – neighbouring properties, we try and bring the needs and potential concerns your neighbours may have with your potential build, and how over the years we feel it is best to approach them.

Does your proposal affect the neighbouring properties?
When considering your new project, you should never overlook the importance of consideration for your neighbours. In the first instance, you want your proposal to be accepted by your neighbour. More so if an extension could need planning.

Simple communication is a good ice breaker. Convey your ideas to them, get their feedback and convey this to your architect and builder.

At the early stages of design and planning, their concerns could be easily addressed. We will discuss this more in our next article however, the following are a few pointers you should consider;
• Do you have a party wall? If so a suitable agreement will need to be in place before work starts.
• Could they complain over their “right to light”?
• Could there be a problem with your extension overlooking your neighbour?
• Who owns the boundary fence, wall or hedge?
• Would your addition overshadow their garden?
• Are there any significant trees on site that need to be moved? If so, who owns them? Are they protected trees?

When it comes to the actual build, you may want to introduce your neighbour to your chosen builder before works start. Good communication from all parties is the best way to deal with any potential concerns or matters that arise during the build.

Be clear to any potential builder, what arrangements/ rights of access there are, such as shared drives. The more informed your builder is, the more accurate the price.

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